Cast a Vote for Experience

Sean Costello is running for State Representative for the Plymouth 4th District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, including Marshfield and most of Scituate. A seasoned public servant, Sean is the candidate with a proven track record of getting things done in both local and state government. A lifelong Marshfield resident and a graduate of Marshfield public schools, Sean not only works in the community, but he works for the community:

  • 4 years full-time as a Legislative Director in the MA House of Representatives

  • Currently serving in 2nd term on the Marshfield School Committee, Chairman since 2016

  • Volunteer advisor for Marshfield High School's nonpartisan Youth & Government club since 2011

  • Board member, "Matty K's Seven Seas" Rexhame Beach playground project and Marshfield FACTS (Marshfield Families Adolescents and Community Together against Substances), the community coalition for addressing substance abuse

If you expand on what he says to what he's done, you'll see that he’s delivered actual results in both local and state government. His hands-on, energetic, forward-thinking leadership style has allowed him to lead the charge locally for tuition-free full-day kindergarten without raising taxes or cutting staff or programming. His measured, thoughtful approach to problem-solving has helped him successfully push for statewide policy changes in areas such as funding for local senior centers and assistance for those suffering from Alzheimer's.

The problems we face are daunting, and they require someone who knows what they're doing in order to effectively fight on our behalf. Whether it be the opioid crisis; our crumbling coastal infrastructure; our endangered environment; or our under-funded public schools, Sean is the only candidate with the experience necessary to tackle these challenges head-on. There will be no learning curve necessary: he will hit the ground running on Day One.

Sean is reaching out to meet as many district residents as he can, to earn your vote in the September 4 Primary and the November 6 General Election. He is ready to listen; ready to lead; ready to stand up for our values; and ready to serve.

No other candidate is better prepared, and none will work harder on our behalf.