Brown Water

Water is a basic human need and the Town of Scituate has a responsibility to provide it – clean, clear, and safe – to every rate payer. The Town also has a responsibility to effectively and clearly communicate the current status of the water system and what the plan is to repair it.

The message to the Scituate Selectmen from residents on August 13 was loud and clear: brown water is negatively affecting the quality of life in Scituate, and that is unacceptable. That was what Sean heard, and that is what Sean has been been hearing while knocking on Scituate doors since he started asking for your vote for State Representative. Residents who have brown water have shared stories of the expense of broken appliances and bottled water, ruined laundry, and children who can’t take a bath before bed. Those who don’t have brown water are now worried about when they will.

This isn’t just a Scituate issue: Cohasset, Hingham, Hull, and Norwell held a similar meeting on the same night. As your State Representative Sean will join Sen. O’Connor in making funding for municipal water infrastructure a budgetary priority. He also pledges to think outside the box on funding opportunities in a way similar to how Jim Cantwell and Bob Hedlund worked together to create a Seawall and Dam Fund to fund our coastal infrastructure issues. The fact that Scituate is not alone in dealing with the issue provides an opportunity to work collaboratively – not just with Sen. O’Connor and Rep. Joan Meschino, but with legislators across the Commonwealth who have the foresight to understand the devastating effect that brown water could have on their own communities.