Cantwell Coalition


Sean Costello Heads into Primary Election Endorsed by Cantwell Campaign Chairman,

Former State House Aide, Town Coordinators, and Cantwell's Predecessor

Sean Costello has announced the endorsement of several prominent members of former State Rep. Jim Cantwell’s leadership team, including Campaign Chairman Arnie Briggs of Marshfield; former State House aide Micah Flores; Cantwell’s Scituate Coordinator, Val Baker; and Cantwell advisor and close friend, former State Rep. Phil Johnston. They join Cantwell's Scituate Sign Captain Tom Clark; Cantwell Humarock Coordinator Kathy Joyce; and Marshfield precinct captain Marisa Qualter in supporting Sean to succeed Jim Cantwell.

“I met Sean 10 years ago when we worked together on Jim Cantwell's campaign, and consider him to be the only choice to fill Jim's shoes. No one can match Sean's proven record of success in local and state politics, and no one is more prepared to deal with the issues we face,” Cantwell Campaign Chairman Arnie Briggs said.

Micah Flores, former State House aide to Rep. Jim Cantwell, said, “Sean Costello is the clear choice to continue the work that Jim Cantwell worked so diligently on during his time at the State House. I served as Jim’s aide on Beacon Hill and saw first-hand every day what is involved in effectively serving Marshfield and Scituate. As a former aide himself, Jim was able to hit the ground running when he began his tenure, and Sean Costello will be able to put his hands-on experience as a Legislative Director [for State Rep. Bruce Ayers] to work in the same way.”

“I have seen first-hand Sean's passion for the district and his dedication to its people. He has a proven track record of success — through his work in the legislature, Sean was instrumental in increasing state aid to local senior centers. I first met Sean 8 years ago when we worked together on Jim Cantwell's campaign. Over the years I got to know him as he rose through the ranks and helped run Jim's campaigns. I'm proud to support Sean; his voice, his expertise, and his integrity are needed on Beacon Hill," said Val Baker.

Phil Johnston, who served as State Representative for Marshfield and Scituate until he was appointed as the Commonwealth’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, said: “I served as State Representative for Marshfield and Scituate for nearly a decade. When Frank Hynes succeeded me, I knew our communities were in good hands. When Jim Cantwell succeeded Frank Hynes, I knew our communities were in good hands. I’m supporting Sean Costello for the very same reason. Sean has the experience to get the job done, and he knows how hard Rep. Jim Cantwell worked because he not only worked hard on his campaigns over the years, he also worked on Beacon Hill. Sean’s time working with Jim uniquely qualifies him as the only candidate who can be trusted to carry on the Cantwell/Hynes/Johnston legacy of getting things done for our communities.” 

Costello replied, “I’m honored by the support of the people who know Jim Cantwell best — the leaders on his campaign, his predecessor, and his former staff. I respect Rep. Cantwell’s accomplishments and it would an honor to have the opportunity to carry on his legacy at the State House and make his team proud.” Costello continued by saying, “I am the only candidate who has worked directly with Jim, and I am confident that I am the only candidate who has the experience and understanding to provide constituent services and legislative action in the manner that our towns have become accustomed to over the past decade.”