Economic Development

For Sean, small business (including fishing and other maritime enterprises) and tourism are the backbones of our economy. He will be a strong legislative partner with the business community to bolster local economic strength.

Marshfield and Scituate are the fourth most productive seafood ports in the state, after New Bedford, Gloucester, and Greater Boston. The catch includes flounder, haddock, striped bass, and a significant bluefin tuna catch. Over 100 families in Marshfield and Scituate make their living as a function of fishing and lobstering. This includes both those who harvest seafood and those who process and transport it, and those who work at seafood restaurants like Haddad's or Mill Wharf. To Sean, this means that all new maritime regulations must be decided with fishermen (both professional and recreational), lobstermen, and those with a stake in the economics of our fisheries at the table.

The Coastal Caucus on Beacon Hill pushed for a bill that established a Seafood Commission, examining how to market locally harvested seafood and label it so people know it's fresh and safe. The Coastal Caucus addresses both maritime infrastructure (funding for seawalls, flood insurance regulations, and so on) and fishing catch allocations among various sectors of our fishing fleets. Sean worked with that Caucus when on Rep. Ayers' staff. Seafood prices have been gyrating, as a result of closure of the lobstering grounds earlier this year and then tariffs on lobster and seafood exports. 

In addition, local aid funding for Education (Chapter 70) and Transportation (Chapter 90, funding roads and bridges) brings important funds into our communities to support jobs in those sectors of the local economies.

Because our economy is strengthened by a workforce that's offered every opportunity to succeed, working families are a centerpiece of the campaign. He's proud that his work at the State House and in Marshfield has earned him the endorsements of unions and organizations representing tens of thousands of working families across the Commonwealth.

Sean will use his experience in state government to bring us critical funding that allows us to invest in infrastructure, expand workforce development, and support job growth for working families in Marshfield and Scituate. His track record at the State House has demonstrated his ability to bring home needed funding to the constituents he serves.