Sean's candidacy has generated an outpouring of support from elected officials, educators, union leaders, and community leaders who are seeking a strong, qualified, and competent Representative to succeed Jim Cantwell.

Talking about Jim Cantwell's legacy isn't just a political talking point for Sean. Sean is the only candidate in this race who actively supported and worked with Jim as State Representative, including time as his campaign Field Director and working alongside Jim at the State House. Jim's values and professional standards are literally baked into how Sean approaches governing. 

That's why the people who know Jim best are standing by Sean's side in this election. He is honored to have the support of people like Arnie Briggs (Cantwell Campaign Chairman), Micah Flores (former State House Aid to Rep. Cantwell), Val Baker (Scituate Co-Coordinator for Jim Cantwell), Phil Johnston (former State Rep and close advisor to Jim Cantwell), and more. Sean is honored by their support and says, “I am the only candidate who has worked directly with Jim, and I am confident that I am the only candidate who has the experience and understanding to provide constituent services and legislative action in the manner that our towns have become accustomed to over the past decade.”

To know and work with Sean is to see first-hand how his energy, experience, and leadership have produced observable benefits for Marshfield; he plans to produce the same for Scituate. Illustrative endorsements from the Cantwell Coalition, Marshfield, Scituate, and Union leaders follow.