As federal regulations on effluent and toxic emissions from industrial facilities and vehicles are being relaxed or eliminated, our air, water, and soil are in jeopardy. Those regulations addressed reducing residents' exposure to toxins that have been proven to cause cancer, heart and lung disease, and other public health conditions. In addition, they maintained clean and healthy habitats for marine life to support both our Fishing and our Tourist industries.

Sean will support legislative action to ensure that Massachusetts can protect its air, water, and soil from such toxins and that the renewable energy standards are maintained if not increased.

Scituate has been experiencing a local water quality issue that has stressed the employees of the Scituate Water Department, who are working their hardest to correct the problem. Unfortunately there are no current mechanisms to access external financial support to diagnose and rectify the situation, largely because the maintenance of water sources is controlled by the water Enterprise Fund, which is funded by ratepayers. Using his experience with funding issues at the state House, Sean will push to develop a new funding source specifically to better equip towns like Scituate address local water quality issues. Not unlike the Dam and Seawall Fund that Jim Cantwell initiated, the state needs to create new programs with more accessible funding sources to provide financial relief to ratepayers and assist the community in addressing this complex issue.