Fair Taxes & Responsible Spending

The state's budget is $40 billion, with many competing priorities. Sean is the only candidate in the race who has been directly responsible for maintaining a $48 million budget (as Chair of the Marshfield School Committee). His legislative experience on Beacon Hill gives him important insights into the budgeting process and the various programs and people that steer funding back into our communities. 

Sean's focus on responsible spending is illustrated by the implementation of full-day tuition-free kindergarten in Marshfield's public schools without raising taxes or cutting programs or positions. He led the School Committee team to create a disciplined action plan and determine how to make it happen within the budget. An important ingredient in the financial planning for this initiative was the roughly $85,000 cost saving available with the elimination of mid-day bus service had been required to support the former half-day sessions.

Seam has used both local and state-level insights and relationships to help determine where budget line items need to be pruned and where opportunities exist to bring state grants home to support local priority capital projects. He also opposes excessive unfunded mandates, which force communities to incur additional local costs.