Healthy communities are a prerequisite to a strong Commonwealth. Recent unprecedented attacks on healthcare funding and insurance access, including attacks on coverage for pre-existing conditions, have created black clouds on the horizon for all Massachusetts residents. Almost every family in the district is facing or will face some sort of pre-existing condition (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and more) that jeopardize their finances and quality of life.

As a state representative, Sean will support legislation that will protect insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions without pricing discrimination and will advocate for sustained research and patient support program funding for such diseases; he will also support sustained tobacco control, with a focus on protecting our youth from exposure to tobacco addiction or the dangers of second-hand smoke. State legislation should ensure access to affordable healthcare insurance to cover availability of diagnostic and therapeutic services as well as establishing prescription drug availability and affordability. 

He also supports having the legislature commission a study of the potential costs and benefits of single payer health insurance; such studies should compare the financial and health implications of various insurance models to determine the most viable approach for Massachusetts' citizens.