Marshfield for Sean Costello Coalition

Marshfield supporters include a former State Representative for this district (Marshfield and Scituate), all 3 members of the Marshfield Board of Selectmen, and all 4 Marshfield School Committee members. People who have worked with Sean in public service positions recognize the strength, experience, and competence he brings to the position of State Representative.


Current and Former Elected Officials


Phil Johnston, former State Representative for Marshfield & Scituate:

"As a former State Rep, I know the demands of the job and what it takes to do it effectively. With all the issues we face today, we need someone with experience, someone who knows this district, and someone well-prepared to make a difference. 

"I am confident that Sean Costello is the best person for the job. Sean has great experience in government, having worked at the State House for the last 4 years learning how to get things done. He has a strong background in educational advocacy, where he's brought a new level of energy and a hands-on leadership style to Marshfield Public Schools as Chairman of our School Committee. I know the job of State Rep is a tough one, but there is no better person for the task. I have no doubt that Sean Costello will be an outstanding State Representative."

Marshfield Selectmen (current and former)


Jim Fitzgerald, Chairman of the Marshfield Board of Selectman:

“I am pleased and privileged to endorse Sean Costello as our next State Representative. Sean has demonstrated great leadership as Chair of the Marshfield School Committee for two consecutive terms, and I know he will bring that same leadership and passion to the State House on behalf of Marshfield and Scituate. I look forward to working with Representative Costello for many years to come.”

Mike Bradley, Marshfield Selectman:

“For the future of our State Representative seat, I am proudly supporting my friend Sean Costello. Sean has served admirably as Chair of the Marshfield School Committee. He is a hard-working, intelligent person who will make sure Marshfield and Scituate’s interests and needs are addressed on Beacon Hill.”


Joe Kelleher, Marshfield Selectman:

“Sean has provided vital leadership for projects like universal, tuition-free full-day kindergarten as well as important infrastructure projects, including the building of a new Marshfield High School and the replacement of the middle school roof. These projects in turn benefit the taxpayers, and positively impact our property values and the overall quality of life in Marshfield.

"Sean sees the bigger picture, and he fights for what is right. I know he will take that fight to the State House on our behalf.”


Sheila Gagnon, Chair of Marshfield Council on Aging; former Selectman:

"I've lived in Marshfield for a long time, and I've been involved on many levels, including as the town's first female Selectman. The only candidate I've seen for public office that compares to Sean Costello is Jim Cantwell. Sean is far and away the best person to fight for our seniors at the State House, because he’s already done it. Sean was instrumental in writing and passing language in the state budget that increased state aid to local councils on aging, providing millions of dollars more per year to programs that directly help our seniors. He’s a home-grown Marshfield guy who’s already made a difference. I’m proud to stand with him because I know he will always stand with us."


John Hall, former Marshfield Selectman:

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Sean Costello since he was a young man. For as long as I’ve known him, he’s always been sincere and dedicated. As I have watched him grow I’ve seen a maturity well beyond his years, a great moral compass and wisdom that impresses everyone who knows him.”


Jim Robinson, former Marshfield Selectman & Moderator:

“We will not find a person in Marshfield or Scituate more prepared to be our next State Representative than Sean Costello. Sean chose a path of service many years ago. We are lucky to have someone who grew up in Marshfield, is already working at the State House, and knows the critical needs of both Scituate and Marshfield.”

Patti Epstein, former Marshfield Selectman:

“A person so well-suited to public service doesn’t come along often. To meet Sean is to know his dedication to our community and his thoughtful, genuine and caring manner. His approach to the issues reveals the integrity of a man capable of following a class act like Jim Cantwell.”


Matt McDonough, Plymouth County Register of Probate:

“I have known Sean for many years. He has great energy and a passion for public service. As a lifelong resident of the district, Sean understands the challenges that face Marshfield and Scituate and is ready to be a strong advocate for our needs. He’s provided charismatic leadership on the School Committee, and has learned a great deal through his work at the State House over the last 4 years. I’m proud to support his candidacy, and I look forward to having him as a partner on Beacon Hill.”

Marshfield School Committee (current and former)


Arnie Briggs, former School Committee member & former Jim Cantwell Campaign Chairman:

“As a former U.S. Marine and a former schoolteacher, it's important to me that we have an experienced, effective State Representative. I know beyond a doubt that Sean Costello is the best person for the job. I met Sean 10 years ago when we worked together on Jim Cantwell's campaign, and consider him to be the only choice to fill Jim's shoes. No one can match Sean's proven record of success in local and state politics, and no one is more prepared to deal with the issues we face. He has extensive experience working on policy ranging from elder affairs to education, and he is committed to fighting for seniors, fighting for veterans, and improving the quality of life for all residents in our district. Most importantly, Sean understands the bigger picture and is a man of integrity. He has my full support.”

Rich Greer, Marshfield School Committee Vice Chairman:

“I have had the privilege of working closely with Sean on the School Committee for the past three years. He is highly motivated, committed, and is a conscientious member of our community. He demonstrates a genuine interest in serving the public. One of Sean’s key strengths is his responsible approach to identifying and resolving issues by staying informed, considering stakeholder input, and remaining objective through the decision-making process. His efforts have greatly benefited our district, and I’m confident he will continue to serve us well in this new role.”

Marti Morrison, former School Committee Member:

“As long as I have known Sean Costello, he has been a man on a mission. He is focused, goal-oriented, inclusive, and hard-working. From seeing him work on my first campaign to becoming a School Committee member, he has been informed and interested in learning what is best for his constituency. He is kind, open, honest, and has a sense of humor. He is a proud native of Marshfield, and he has my firm and enthusiastic endorsement for his endeavors on our behalf.”

Nancy Currie, former School Committee Member:

“Sean has many skills that make his candidacy right at this moment in time. He is articulate and concise, and has been a strong advocate for school funding. He understands federal, state, and municipal laws and regulations, and has fought passionately for the community. I know he will bring that same passion as he fights for beach protection, infrastructure improvement, and tax relief.”


Community Leaders


Bud Duksta, 2017 Marshfield Citizen of the Year

“I’ve known Sean for many years. As School Committee Chairman, he has been a strong supporter of our non-profit Marshfield Tennis Club, and has partnered with us to offer services for disabled students in Marshfield. Through his efforts with our schools, it is evident that Sean puts in enormous amounts of time, energy, and wisdom into helping others to excel. I know he will put in the same effort for our entire community as State Representative.”

Marie Kurmin, 2016 Marshfield Citizen of the Year

“I’ve known Sean since he was a student in the Marshfield school system, and know him as a hard worker in everything he’s been involved with. We worked together on the committee to build a New Marshfield High School, and he was tireless in that effort. Sean brings a great level of energy and passion to his work with Marshfield Public Schools, and encourages our students to get involved in their community. The leadership he has shown as a young man is outstanding — I know Marshfield and Scituate will benefit with Sean Costello as our next State Representative.”


Kim Last Bouressa, 2013 Marshfield Citizen of the Year

"I'm behind Sean Costello 100%. Sean is a lifelong resident and has done so much for the community. As our School Committee Chair he has been visible in the schools and has made sure to fight for all of our students, including those with special needs. Sean goes to everything in the community, making sure he's meeting people and learning how he can help them. Everything he does is because he loves Marshfield and wants to make a difference. We need more people like Sean in politics, and Marshfield and Scituate need Sean at the State House!"

Don Gibson, Marshfield

“Sean has the desire and the enthusiasm to be an excellent State Representative. All he needs now is the opportunity.”

Lara Brait, Marshfield

“Sean is a bright and determined community leader. He has seamlessly demonstrated through his work as Chairman of the School Committee that he is passionate about the well-being of our community. Marshfield and Scituate would benefit immensely from the continuing support of a strong, dedicated State Representative.”

Maureen Godding & Jim Chipa, Matty K’s Seven Seas Playground Project

“We’ve known Sean Costello for several years, and he has always been honest, reliable, and practical. We recently had the opportunity to work with him on our special project to build a playground in Rexhame Beach parking lot. His ability to get things done, to listen, to see all sides of an issue, and his love of the community make him the ideal candidate for State Representative.”

Deb & Barry Cornwall, Marshfield

“Marshfield and Scituate are fortunate that someone of Sean Costello’s energy, competence, and character is running for State Representative. Through his service on the School Committee and his 4 years working in the state legislature, he’s forged strong relationships and knows how to get things done to bring us important funding. We will be well-served by his broad experience and dedication to public service. He is the only candidate for State Reipresentative who is prepared to hit the ground running on our behalf."

Jake Heberlein, Marshfield

“Sean has been a role model, mentor and friend to me since I first met him 6 years ago as my Youth & Government advisor. In the years following I have seen his compassion, intelligence, and competence first-hand. Through his volunteer work, community activism, and service on the School Committee, Sean’s commitment to improving our community is clear.”

Peter Mundt, Marshfield

“As a Marshfield resident and a teacher in Scituate Public Schools, Sean Costello is my candidate. Sean understands the unique issues that challenge our communities of Scituate and Marshfield. He grew up here and is a proponent of our public schools. He has dedicated his life to public service and has extensive experience in local and state government. You will find him friendly, approachable, and ready to listen to his constituents. I wholeheartedly support Sean as our next State Representative.”

Joan Pozerski, Marshfield

“Although Jim Cantwell’s shoes will be hard to fill, I have no doubt that Sean will work his hardest to learn about our communities and will grow to fill them. He will be a tireless Representative, working to make Scituate and Marshfield the best towns to live in on the South Shore. He is dedicated to the families who live here, and I’m proud to support his candidacy for State Representative.”