Opioid Epidemic

The Opioid Epidemic, including both overdoses and deaths, is an urgent combination public health / public education crisis. In response, our communities have been working to help those struggling with addiction to prescription drugs (usually pain-killers), while educating the next generation on the dangers of abusing such medications.

The state Department of Public Health maintains several monitoring systems that inform our efforts at the local level. those include both an Ambulance Trip Reporting Information System and records of opioid-related deaths, as well as a Prescription Monitoring Program that tracks what physicians are prescribing what opioid drugs to whom, in what amounts, and with what frequency. Those systems offer a strong first step toward opioid control and should be sustained, but more is needed.

Sean has worked with local and state resources to bring expertise, funding, and tracking programs that can bolster prevention, treatment, and recovery programs. Using his established relationships on Beacon Hill and in our towns, he will continue to advocate for funding to expand comprehensive drug addiction education in our public schools and monitoring systems that will ensure that Opioids are treated as a legitimate public health crisis.