Public Safety

Our first responders (police, fire, health) are central to our quality of life. The presence of School Resource Officers in our public schools not only improves school safety, but it normalizes the police force as a community resource. Children who are more comfortable interacting with the police as people, so they will be comfortable approaching them in the event of threats of school violence. Funding from the state would be important in encouraging more communities to invest in School Resource Officers.

One area in great need of attention is the public safety implications of the recent marijuana legalization. Our public safety officers have been trained to handle impaired driving as a result of alcohol and opioids, but they need raining in recognizing the warning signs of driving under the influence of marijuana. In addition, funding should be provided to help communities to purchase equipment that will protect their first responders from human and natural threats.

Sean will also work to obtain additional funding for first responder training and equipment that will enable effective protection of our residents and timely attention to storm threats.