The Scituate for Sean Costello Coalition

One of the core responsibilities of a State Representative is understanding and serving community and constituent needs. Since announcing his candidacy, Sean has knocked on thousands of doors and had many meaningful conversations about the issues that concern Scituate voters. He is proud to be able to share what some of them have been saying about his candidacy. 

He is honored that they agree he is the only candidate with the experience necessary to tackle the challenges facing Scituate head-on. There will be no learning curve necessary: he can (and will!) hit the ground running on Day One.

Sean has been endorsed by Jim Cantwell's Scituate Coordinator, Val Baker, and a host of other community voices (see below). 

Here's what some of Scituate's leading voices have to say about Sean Costello:

  “Like Jim Cantwell, Sean Costello understands the challenges our community faces with the opioid crisis. He knows that real change will require a comprehensive approach and consensus among a variety of stakeholders. Sean is the leader that Scituate needs at the State House.”

— Annmarie Galvin

mundt.jpg   “Sean is a proven leader on educational issues. He has served on the Marshfield School Committee and implemented tuition-free full day kindergarten without cutting programs or raising taxes. Scituate parents and teachers alike can rest assured that Sean is the best choice to be our State Rep.”

— Peter Mundt


“I live on Humarock Beach, and I’ve been active in the Scituate Coastal Coalition since we started it. I’m voting for Sean Costello because he has taken the time to understand our issues, knows how to articulate our challenges, and has experience fighting for coastal infrastructure funding on Beacon Hill.”

— Kathy Joyce



“Sean Costello knows how to get things done. He worked at the State House to successfully increase state aid to local councils on aging, and will be a strong partner for Scituate as he fights to secure state funding for a new senior center. He is the experienced candidate that we need.

— Val Baker
Scituate Coordinator for Rep. Jim Cantwell


“If you know me, you know I love building a strong sense of community in Scituate. Jim Cantwell embraced that commitment with his consistent presence in town, and leaves big shoes to fill. I’ve known Sean for years, and I know he will carry on that legacy as our next State Representative.”

— Jean Di Giacomandrea


“As someone who lives on Lighthouse Point, it’s important for me to know our State Rep is experienced in fighting against ridiculous federal flood insurance legislation. Sean Costello worked with the coastal caucus to advocate for ways to save us money, and will continue Jim Cantwell’s efforts to change federal flood insurance policy. He is the candidate I trust with our interests.”

— Marj Bates


“I sent my kids through full day kindergarten in Scituate. Thankfully we got through the lottery system, but some families weren’t as lucky. After that, we had to pay $3,000 for tuition - for public education. Sean eliminated that uncertainty in Marshfield, and made full day kindergarten a reality. We need his leadership and his expertise representing us on Beacon Hill.”

— Beth Tierney

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